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Basil Discovery

Expand your talent roster in a few clicks, no strings

Basil has a built-in database of 1000s of creative and marketing professionals. Easily find qualified talent & add to your roster.

Curated Talent Database

Tap into 1000's of qualified pros to find + add your next rockstar creative

AI-Powered Creative Planning

Generate talent suggestions, budgets, & scopes based on talent data

Quick Add & Onboarding

Easily add any talent your find to your roster. Invite to join your projects

Basil Projects

Use Basil for project planning, talent hiring, & payments, backed by your talent data

The Fastest Path to Successful Creative Projects

AI-Powered Creative Planning

Generate instant talent suggestions & project plans

Project Planning

Organize goals, scopes, talent, &
budgets using simple tools

Scopes & Estimates

Create scopes of work, share with talent, & receive estimates from talent

Booking & Payment Flows

Request talent for projects, book them based on the availability calendar, & set up project payments

Team Sharing

Share talent data and project briefs with team members. Add your team to project plans as stakeholders

Integrations, modular pricing, & upgraded tiers service that fit right into your org

Custom Solutions

Creative pros juggle multiple tools to
manage their teams, freelancers, and
resources. Basil unifies everything
in one place, streamlining workflows
save hours per week .

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