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Basil - the best way to track & connect to your creative teams

A supercharged workforce platform to onboard, manage & deploy talent for projects & campaigns

5x faster talent
sourcing & onboarding
First-in-class talent insights
based on goals & project briefs
Organize & manage talent by
skill set, style, & project type
Easily manage, book,
& pay freelance teams
a creative ops superpower

Creative pros juggle multiple tools to
manage their teams, freelancers, and
resources. Basil unifies everything
in one place, streamlining workflows
save hours per week .

Organize your Talent, your way

Manage your in-house talent & freelancers by skillset & project type

 Manage Talent
Organize talent into buckets. Manage contact info, sample work, & project history
 Fast Portfolio Scans
Auto-scan portfolio links for instant contact info, skills, & sample work
 Quiet or Invite Mode
Quietly add & track new talent OR invite them to join teams & projects
 Real-time Insights
Basil checks for updates to talent availability, work, & rates
Plan Projects

The fastest path to
successful creative

Create & track
project briefs

Share digital briefs with any stakeholder. Freelancers & in-house talent respond with estimates & accept bookings in a few clicks.
Choose how you plan a project:
 Simple prompt
Write a few words about project goals. We help you fill in the rest
 OR upload a brief
Upload a PDF, Word Doc, or digital doc.

Match hires/talent to project goals, instantly

With instant insights on how to assign in-house talent & freelancers to projects via:
  • Hard & soft skill match
  • Availability & bandwidth insights
  • Rates that match the budget

A platform built to help you realize your goals

Minimize overages & monitor teams/resources
  • Maximize project momentum
  • Get to goals faster with speedier project starts
  • Monitor project teams & resources
Mobilize Your Talent

Book freelancers & assign talent to projects faster

Track project briefs, team assignments, & share links to assets in one place.
  • Track project bookings with your teams
  • Share onboarding docs with team
  • Approve project scopes & talent overages

Easily pay your freelancers

Simple budgeting admin & payments
  • Manage budgets & payouts in-app
  • Track spending on the project & team level
  • Automatic 1099s
Build Your Roster

Build your perfect,
on-demand talent roster

 Add + Track your talent roster
Better insights into your own talent roster's skillsets, rates, skills, & bandwidth.
 Smart ways to expand your network
AI-powered tools to easily discover & invite new freelancers based on your creative goals, big or small.
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Trusted by hundreds of users (and counting)