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Basil provides insights into project & talent performance, allowing you to make informed decisions that align with your creative vision.

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Replace the messy email chains & phone calls with a single, seamless way to track, request, & onboard your best talent for projects

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Turn creative strategy into action

Understand how your talent roster can help you achieve your creative goals, instantly

Match talent to project goals, instantly

With instant insights on how to assign in-house talent & freelancers to projects based on:
  • Hard & soft skill match
  • Availability & bandwidth Insights
  • Freelancer rates that match the budget

Create & track project creative briefs

Share digital briefs with any stakeholders. Freelancers & in-house talent respond with estimates & accept bookings with a few clicks
Choose how you plan a project:
Simple prompt
Write a few words about project goals. We help you fill in the rest
Upload a brief
Upload a PDF, Word Doc, or digital doc.

Request, Book, & pay freelancers faster

Track project scopes, team assignments, & freelancer spend in one place.
In-house team
Identify who on your team is available based on skillsets & project workload
Fill the gaps with freelancers. Invite, book, & pay freelancers easily
track your talent network

Amplify your top-talent

Manage & track your hard-earned talent pool better than ever
Manage Talent
Organize/track your talent by skills or type with flows to expand your network
Fast Portfolio Scans
Auto-scan portfolio links for instant contact info, skills, & sample work
Quiet or Invite Mode
Quietly add & track new talent OR invite them to join teams & projects
Real-time Insights
Basil checks for updates to team availability, portfolios, & rates

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